Pandemic Affecting Digital Agencies

Pandemic has been rough for every business. Every industry faced challenges during the lockdown and beyond in multiple areas.  The pandemic has influenced markets drastically and we have all felt the repercussions of it. However, for digital agencies, how it has been a challenge for them? How it has affected them? Numerous digital marketing agencies had to cut off their budgets or revise their financial plans, some of them went silent on social media, and basically quit communicating with their customers and clients. So what precisely are the top difficulties confronting the digital marketing agencies no matter what size. According to the survey report 2020 for the digital agencies, the key statistics show a total of 66% of agencies have seen a fall in overall revenue up to 66% and the change isn’t expected as such. 57% of the agencies believed that they will go through the decrease at least for six months more. However, we could see to date how digital marketing agencies have been struggling with the Covid-19 situation like any other industry. 

The Challenges

Just like a number of agencies witnessed a great amount of decrease in revenue 16% observed an increase too. Like most industries, everything’s tied in with adjusting to the conditions we have been encountering during COVID-19, and for such digital agencies, they are reaping the merits; advertising where different agencies aren’t and generating leads where they can. Hitting the right nail at the right time! But what are these challenges that are either being identified and sorted by some while others are struggling? Here we have enlisted a few of the challenges faced by the digital marketing agencies during the pandemic situation caused by Covid-19.

  • Quality Lead Generation

Each business blossoms with qualified leads. In this pandemic situation, you can expect a competitive market as a number of businesses that are service-based attempt to acquire the target leads. Paid promotions, for example, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are probably going to ascend in cost. Digital marketers who are good at it will figure out how to use cost-effective lead generation approaches like systems effective networking on LinkedIn, utilizing video promoting, and creating interactive channels, for example, online courses, webinars, and virtual conferences. As lead generation gets more serious and competition rises, it becomes important to deliver strong value to prospects prior you can hope to bring a deal to a close.

  • Managing Consistency

You need your clients to consider you to be an authoritative voice in your industry. You likewise need to build up an interesting brand presence that assists with making loyal clients. In a competitive environment, you need to go beyond offering quality services. Distinguish and focus on your unique selling points (USP). Be predictable in your voice and style across channels and platforms.

  • Learning About Customers

Focusing on your target audience will be a higher priority this time than ever. As SEO and paid ads get more competitive, you can’t afford to sit around idly or waste money on keywords or content that are excessively broad or targeted inadequately. Probably the best tool for focusing on the right audience is a buyer persona, which allows you to visualize and better comprehend your average client.


While 2020 gave the agencies numerous unexpected changes, do not take things very lightly at this time of an hour. It is not important that everything get back to business as usual in the future. A large number of the interruptions of the earlier year will proceed which might be a long time struggle. However, in order to make it through successfully, digital marketers should be extra cautious and mindful while planning and strategizing.

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